Anglesey Food Festival part of Anglesey Food Week 20-27 March 2021

What is Anglesey Food Week?

It is a celebration of our restaurants, cafes, bars, food and drink producers, retailers, and farmers.

Anglesey was also known as Mon, Mam Cymru, or Anglesey, the Mother of Wales, because its fertile lands were considered capable of providing sufficient food for the whole of Wales.

Anglesey Food Week is being created by Welsh Produce to help boost business, increase sales during this Autumn/Winter Season and to highlight the health benefits and pleasures of eating quality fresh, seasonal, and regionally distinct product.

Cookery Competition: Enter one of the 6 cookery demonstrations. Competitions include: 1. Victoria Sandwich, 2. Bara Brief, 3. Savoury Tart with ingredients, 4. 16-year-old and under – Chocolate Swiss Roll, 6. 12 year old and under – Pizza face and 6. 8 years old and under – four decorated biscuits.

Competition list

Closing date: 5th March 2021 Application form Judged and Hosted by: TBC


Cookery Demonstration: Cooks/Chefs are being invited to appear live on the Anglesey Food Week stage which feeds into Facebook Live. To get involved we need to know, who you are, what you are going to cook, what day and time and the dish needs to promote local products email

Closing date: 30th January 2021 email:


Virtual Tours/Workshops: Food and Drink Producers are being invited to explain how their product is made, meet the team, how should it be served, where can it be purchased. This activity can either be done via the ‘Live’ stage and be fed through to Facebook Live or it can be set up as a webinar which is recorded and then uploaded onto social media for all to see.

Closing date: 30th January 2021 email


Meet the Producer: The producers will be available together for a one hour ‘Live’ online session for an introduction to their products, how they should be served and how they can be purchased. Arrive on the platform and go around the booths and speak directly to the producer or watch them show how best to serve their product.

Closing date: 30th January 2021 email: or Application form


All ideas welcome: All content for this week’s activity is welcomed, it can be presented in either English or Welsh or both. If you would like to run a quiz from your pub, give us a tour of your farm, simply network or sing Christmas Carols – this is a celebration of who we are and we’re stronger when we work together.

Closing date: 30th January 2021 email

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