Kiddy Cook Sessions

Join Kiddy Cook on a journey to the bottom of the sea as we discover a variety of seafood and shellfish to tantalise your taste buds. We’ll be tasting sea snails, samphire and seaweed and showing you that fish really is delicious with our hands-on recipe ideas.

Session 1 Buttery garlic samphire & lemon (using homemade butter): join in the competition to see who can make butter the fastest using just 1 ingredient and we’ll show you a delicious way to serve it with samphire (otherwise known as asparagus of the sea)

Session 2 Crab fishcakes We’ll use this interactive session to get us thinking about hygiene and how we can prevent germs from spreading as we get our hands dirty whipping up delicious ginger and coriander-tinged crab cakes.

Session 3 DIY pot noodle with crispy seaweed. We’ll learn about the 5 tastes and do some gastronomic experiments to get the taste buds tingling! We’ll investigate the difference between ‘taste’ and ‘flavour’ and use what we’ve learned to make a Chinese inspired noodle salad

Session 4 Pizza Napoli with anchovies and capers. We’ll discover how Co2 makes dough rise as we create bread bubble bombs, carbon dioxide rockets and make a scrumptious Napoli pizza with anchovies and capers (This pizza will need to be cooked at home).

Session 5 Incredible! Edible! Slime! Hagfishes are a family of jawless marine pre-vertebrates who are able to choke their would-be predators with gill-clogging slime. Whilst we won’t be eating these sea creatures we’ll be showing you how to make our version of incredible, edible hagfish slime from basic store cupboard ingredients.